All-Star Cast of Guest Performers

Guest Star Performers

From Time to time, the Disc-Connected K9s have different Guest Star Performers perform with the team. We enlist these amazing performers and their dogs for one of two reasons:

1. We are performing in their area and like to showcase them to their home friends, family, coworkers, etc..
2. We needed their assistance because all of our other full-time performers were not available for that specific venue.
Either way, it is always an honor to have them wear the famous Disc-Connected K9s uniform and showcase their talents and the love of their dogs with our team. Thank you to all of them!!

Here is some of the folks that have appeared with our team in the past:

Michelle Thomas, Jodi, Lawrence, Donna Schoech & Gail Mirabella

Brian Cash, Jodi, Julia Zimmerman (Germany) Lara, (dog) Lawrence & Preston Dean

Sara Funt, Lawrence Ed Jakubowski & Kirby “McNabb”!!!

Kristy Hodkiewicz, Lawrence, John “Johnny Hod” Hodkiewicz & Jodi

Donna Schoech & Diva

Joker, Bug, Brody, Diva, Tess, Bailey & Spencer

Gail Mirabella & Austin

Paul West & Tucker

Mark Muir & Rocket

Bob “Friz” Coleman, Jodi & “Hot Air Harley”

Lawrence, Greg Biffle “Famed NASCAR Driver” (#16 3M Car) & Michelle

The “BMX All-Stars”!! We performed next to these guys at the Fayette County Fair in PA and they ROCKED!!!

Alissa Harper of the Great Maine Lumberjack Show (“LumberJills”) performed with us at the Blue Hill Fair (ME) and she is totally “AWESOME”! She worked just like she had been doing our shows for years!! I may have found a new protege’!!! 🙂