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Booking Information

Optimal performance area is a 45ft x 90ft level grass, obstruction free environment; uneven terrain, rocks, trees, and other obstructions are hazardous to our dogs and performers. (We can perform in smaller areas if need be; but the above dimensions are preferred.) We need to park our 25ft cargo trailer on one of the four sides of the performing area, and then we set up a 10×20 ft tent. So, on one of the four sides we need an additional 18 ft (minimum) to set up our sound system, merchandise, crates, etc… Seating for the audience (bleachers are preferred) should be taken into consideration.

At least one 30AMP circuit (two is preferred if available) for our performance trailer is needed. We have Honda Inverter generators that we can use if need be, but prefer to have the electricity furnished by the hosting event. If night time shows are to be performed, we will need an additional two different 30AMP circuits to power our lighting trusses; if adequate lighting is not available.

Load in and set up can take up to 5 hours; depending upon the exact configuration. Where possible, we like to arrive the day prior to an event in order to get set up in advance, work through any logistical issues, and be refreshed and alert the next day when show time begins. Load out will occur after our last show on the final day, unless prior arrangements are agreed upon with the event management.

Each show lasts about 30-35 minutes, depending upon which show format is used. We then have a 5-15 minute meet and greet with the dogs after each show. 3-4 four dogs are used in each show; and audience participation is engaged when conditions are acceptable. We require a minimum of two hours between each scheduled show (our show is very high energy; and even though we use different dogs in each show, the human performers need to recoup and re-energize for the next show). We do ask that scheduling conflicts with other performers, bands, loud noise attractions, etc. be taken into consideration. Our dogs do perform to music, and out of respect for the audience; and too not distract the human or canine performers, we ask that these considerations be thought through.

Shows can be performed on other outdoor surface types, but that requires us to bring in our artificial turf (36×60) and usually involves an additional cost.

We provide our own artificial turf which require dimensions of a minimum 36×60 feet. Again, we need to set up at least our tent off of one side; and have the same electrical requirements as stated above. Seating should be taken into consideration. Ease of access to get our dogs in and out of the building between shows needs to be taken into consideration when determining final placement for our shows.

We do travel in a 41 ft Damon Tuscany Motor Coach and need to have it parked as close as possible to our performance area (at least eye sight visibility proximity). We travel with up to 14 dogs and only use 3-4 per show. The dogs that aren’t in that particular show are housed in the MC. So for ease of transport and security, we ask that it is always parked as close as possible.
We do live in the MC during shows, to cut down on expenses; so we do ask that the event take advantage of the discounted pricing by allowing us to stay on site, whenever possible. We do ask that an electricity (50AMP) and water hook be made available where possible.

The Disc-Connected K9’s are fully insured. Proof of insurance can be provided in advance of our arriving on site; but needs to be requested at least seven days in advance. There is no charge for providing this documentation. If the event needs us to underwrite them as an “Additionally Insured” entity, then there is an additional $50.00 fee required; and again, needs to be requested at least seven days prior to the event.

This information (USDA # 58-C-0929) is carried with us at all times and may be requested by any recognized entity at any time while we are participating at a contracted event.

The Disc-Connected K9’s literally have hundreds of references from prior engagements. Depending upon your type of event (i.e. State Fairs, County Fairs, Music Festivals, Arts & Craft Festivals, Community Events, Humane Society Fund Raisers, Balloon Festivals, Themed Festivals, etc…) we will put you in contact with as many of each specific venue that you request.