Lawrence & Lucky

Lucky Boy
2010 & 2011 World Finalist

Lucky was rescued from Melbourne, FL; and was immediately a part of our family. He has quicky shown us his heart and desire to play Frisbee. He did his first show with us two weeks to the day after we adopted him. He has not looked back, and has continued to learn each day. He is a perfect example of the adage; “Awesome Aussies”!!
Lucky’s Bio:

  • Born: March 5, 2006
  • Gender: Male (Neutered)
  • Breed: Australian Shepherd
  • Color: Blue Merle – Copper Trim
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Height: 19 “Cred:
  • Breeder: Rescue Dog

Major Accomplishments:
2008 S.E. Skyhoundz Regional Championships Novice Division (5th Place)
2010 Skyhoundz East Open Regional Finalist (3rd Place)
2010 Skyhoundz World Championships (11th Place)
2011 Skyhoundz East Open Regional Finals (2nd Place)
2011 Skyhoundz World Championships (????? )