The Team Members

Our dogs have provided Frisbee Dog entertainment around the world for over 25 years, performing for some of the most amazing audiences. With 16 World Frisbee Dog Championship Finalists, we have more than any other team in the history of our sport! Learn more about our teams and your favorite dogs below.

Harley came to us as his seventh home in 17 mos. He has since become one of our best dogs, winning the 2008 & 2010 AWI World Disc Dog Championships. This is quite an achievement for a dog to do in less than three years, having never played Frisbee before, nor having any training in any area at all.

Flash is the fastest dog on our team. She is a 3X and current FL State Distance Champion, and has 5 World Finals appearances to her credit; and she is only six years old! She has twice anchored the only team of four dogs to compete in the World Finals at the same time with one human being; 2008 & 2010. Flash became the 2010 Skyhoundz World Disc Dog Champion and in the process tied the record for our sport in garnishing the most overall points in a World Finals.

Zorra the “Z” monster; won the 2008 S.E. World Frisbee Dog Championships qualifier; and the 2010 East Open World Frisbee Dog Championships qualifier.. She is the quiet, laid back dog on the team; that is until you pull out a Frisbee. This 4 year old Border Collie will amaze you at her speed, grace and athletic ability. Always on queue, and always ready to play, she truly is the professional, even at this young age.

“The Flippin Frisbee Dog”!! A rescue dog out of Colorado, this guy has become one of our crowd favorites, and truly amazes everyone with his athletic ability and awesome disposition. Easy finished 3rd at Skyhoundz World Championships; and 4th at the AWI World Finals in 2008. Truly one of the most remarkable rescue stories of any of our dogs!

Jaxson came to us in December of 2009 after being rescued as a homeless dog on the streets of Hialeah, FL. This little guy is 30lbs of nothing but muscle and desire to catch flying plastic. At less than two years of age, he makes up for experience through raw talent and desire. He is quickly becoming our crowd favorite for our audiences, even those that have seen us for years and already had their favorite performing Disc-Connected K9s team member. Jaxson finished 2nd overall in the Pairs Division of the 2010 World Championships!!

Riley is our newest team member, and at 1 yr. old is showing all the older dogs that their is someone tapping on their shoulders. He was adopted out of St. Louis and has proven to be as fast, if not faster than any dog on our team! His ability to learn a new trick is uncanny and will be performing with the team very shortly!

Spencer is one of the most talented little packages of dynamite to ever catch a disc! He has demonstrated this by winning the 2010 East Open World Finals Qualifier Pairs Championships; and finished 2nd at both the S.E. and Open Qualifiers; thus making a two time World Finalist in 2010. His flipping ability, speed, athleticism and desire to catch a disc is a sight to behold. At less than 3 years of age, this little guy has a great career ahead of him; attested to by his 3rd Place Overall Finish in the Paris Division at the 2010 World Championships!!

Tess (short for Pocahontess) is a 4 year old English Shepherd. Tess is passionate about Frisbee, and can think of nothing else she loves more! She has a very carefree spirit, but is quite vocal about her desire to catch a Frisbee> The only thing that can silence her is a good catch!!

The Disc-Connected K9s are proud to have other awesome competitors do guest shows with us from time to time, especially when we hit their home town environments. Some of our past performers have been Donna Schoech, Ed Jakubowski, Gary Duke, Gail Mirabella, Gary Shockley, Kelly Miller, Mark Muir, Paul West and host of others from time to time. You never know who might show up in one of our shows!!